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SSPWXR's Projects

METEOchannel logo as seen on KODI Cable Network.
METEOChannel is a 24/7 internet based TV broadcast that features weather information for places across Canada. A broadcast would feature an HTML based graphics system operated in a continuous loop. Reminiscent of The Weather Channel's Intellistar system used on Weatherscan.
KODI Cable Network logo.
Founded by SSPWXR and operated by PeytonWX and started in 2021, KODI Cable Network is an EAS/EAS tech enthusiast ran streaming network. We started in 2021 by mainly streaming over YouTube and embeded on a Google Sites website. Later in Quarter 2/Quarter 3 of 2022, we started by streaming over our dedicated streaming server and over our website. Source: PeytonWX on
YouTube channel icon.
Since 2019, the SSPWXR YouTube channel hosts a small variety of content. From recordings of radio broadcasts to low effort video game content and poor quality memes. All seen by a "large" and "loyal" audience of ~400 subscribers!